2019 Events
Saturday May 4th, Annual General Meeting & BBQ
To be held in the picnic shelter at Iroquois Marine Services at the Iroquois Marine Services pavilion starting at 2:30pm. As in past years, the Club will supply BBQ fixins - (Steak, sausages ...) and we ask members to bring a dish - salad or dessert - to share. Also bring your favorite beverage(s). We will ask for attendance numbers nearer the time.

There will be a meet and greet, a short meeting and then the BBQ. Please bring your own beverages and an appetiser, salad or dessert to share as we have done in the past. The meat will be supplied by the club. If anyone has any particular dietary requirements, please contact Sue Welsh (sue.welsh@gmail.com) and we will see what we can do to accommodate you.

As we have started to implement at other events, we are asking you to bring your own reusable plates, cutlery and reusable drink glasses to minimize waste. But this year, we would like to take this a bit further and ask everyone to see how we could make this a “NO Waste” or at least a “Low Waste” event. We know that garbage (landfill) is a growing problem in our society and as responsible boaters, we should be taking this problem seriously ourselves. We also know that plastics (especially those that find their way into our waterways) is a serious problem that recycling will not solve. To this end, let’s reduce as much as we can so the Bridge will not be left with the task of trying to figure out how to responsibly dispose of what is left behind.

Last year, we took 3 large boxes of alcohol containers to the recycling depot and several boxes of aluminum cans and assorted paper and plastic for recycling. There were also two large barrel-sized garbage bags that we put in Robert’s dumpster not to mention the food that could have been composted but for which there is no facility to do so. As is the norm in many national parks; “whatever you bring in, you take back with you” would help to minimize this job and be very much appreciated.