The Thousand Islands Yacht Club is a small friendly club of boating enthusiasts who sail predominantly in the Thousand Islands and Eastern Lake Ontario region.

While the club does not have any fixed assets or facilities, many members keep their boats at municipal or commercial marinas in the area for the summer and haul out at Iroquois Marine Services (IMS) for the winter. The marina and harbour of IMS is just above the Iroquois Seaway Lock.

As a recognized Canadian Yacht Club we have reciprocal arrangements with many Canadian and US Yacht Clubs (see Reciprocals section). It is through special arrangements with IMS that the club is able to offer its reciprocal privileges in Iroquois, so we appreciate those who patronize that boatyard and marina.

The Thousand Islands is notorious for its lack of docking during the summer so we offer rafting privileges to members of other Yacht Clubs when they visit the region.

The club currently has about thirty families as members.

We arrange casual gatherings on island docks during the summer and Annual General Meeting (Pre-launch party and BBQ) at IMS in the Spring. Most of these events are potluck, with the club providing BBQ.

  • The purpose of the Club is to have FUN.
  • The best rules are NO rules.
  • Formal dress does not exist; the best dressed person is the least dressed person (some exceptions apply!)